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A few days without internet means a lack of updates so having a quick catch up session.

Last Wednesday we finally departed the city of Brisbane heading south down the east coast. Finally beginning the 'travelling' part of the journey. Where were we heading? A town called Surfers Paradise. First impressions, Blackpool down under. This was somewhat amplified by the fact that it's off-season. We had 2 nights and 2 days in the town. What was there to do? Sun, surf and sand.

The initial plan for day 1 of going to Seaworld was scrapped when it was realised the place was less of an aquatic zoo and more of a theme park. The new plan? Chill out on the beach in the sparatic sun until tea time. Lovely. Finally retreating back to the room when the wind was more frequent than the sun. The next day was lovely - blue sky and plenty of warmth. So laden with all our belongings after checking out, we moved back to the beach to wait for our afternoon bus.

So, all in all, a tough town to live in..well, as long as there's no rain.

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Moreton Island

Sand, sand and sand. Oh, and sand.

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So this is our last day in Queensland..in a few hours we leave for Byron Bay in the north New South Wales.

Monday saw us venturing to Moreton Island off the coast of Brisbane. Praying for glorious sun and warmth, the ferry dropped us off to a very grey and chilly island an hour and a half away from the mainland. We did start to wonder what we had gotten ourselves into. It was a like Bournemouth in December time..but more dissappointing. Nevertheless, we embraced what we had been given, which in this case is a very steardy 4x4 and driver with a talent in finding every pot hole there was to be found. The reason why it was needed? Moreton Island is a sand island, 99% sand..no rock, no concrete, nothing. The place is stunning though.

First stop, a deserted beach on the east of the island to wonder around..highlight of this? Spotting a bunch of migrating humpback whales off the shore jumping in the air. Amazing. Jumping back into the 4x4, we wizzed up to the lighthouse on the north point to try and get a better view. Apparently the weather had other plans, a massive rain cloud had moved in and the whales obviously decided that this was the place to be so no joy. Although we could see a few turtles having a swim around the rocks just below us.

As lunch was being prepared, we had the opportunity to have a dip in one of the freshwater lagoons. The sun was out, it was going to be great. To me, lagoon sounds like a tropical pool but apparently, it means very deep and very cold lake. I managed to leave any form of being brave on the sand and only made it up to my knees at which point my toes were so cold they were warm. Enough was enough and I returned to the very lovely and warm beach.

The afternoon was turning out to be lovely. We headed back to the landing beach for more of the same..sun, sand and VERY cold sea. I had learnt my lesson and chose to admire the sea with my eyes. A quick look at the snorkellers showed you either had to have a wetsuit or just be completely insane.

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Five day catch up

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So it's been a few days with sparatic activity levels..but a quick update, and they are quick now that I'm paying for the internet.

Wednesday was my birthday, which was a chilled out affair. Finally managed to watch the Benjamin Button film which turned out to be epicly long and just darn weird. The day was followed by a chilled night opting to celebrate in style later in the week.

Thursday we headed into Brisbane city to check it out properly. Code for, minus the jet lag we had a few days prior. Turns out the best way to view the city is via the river using the water metro a.k.a. CityCat. A fun (and relatively cheap) experience none-the-less. We were able to hop on and off however many times we liked at however many stops we wanted. The South Bank is kind of like the nice bit of the Thames (near where all those museums are) complete with cafes and restuarants. But the real head-turner is the mini rainforest and artifical beach..complete with its own lifeguard! We headed right down to the end of the "line", which is University of Queensland, where we got off and had a stroll around. It appears they have a department for studying human motion..not sure if that means just sity and look out the window people watching or what. Very nice campus though with an extraordinary amount of sporting facilities.

Friday itself, in the end, was another chilled day. Due to missing the bus to the train station, our plan of checking out the Glasshouse Mountains came into doubt (and eventually benched) in favour of spending the rather nice and sunny day on the beach teaching to new puppy how to play throw and fetch (catch was asking a lot). Then the evening we headed into the town to the rather swanky club, Fridays. The only problem over here is that the cheapest "pint" (no such thing but near enough) is A$5 equivalent to 3 pounds (apparently Aussie keyboards don't have the pound sign) and a vodka/mixer is A$9 - expensive!

Saturday morning consisted of packing - which really did take the whole morning. Technically the task was possible as I had not gained any more items but turns out it's physically and mentally impossible for me. Early afternoon we moved on into Brisbane to stay in a hostel ready for a couple of early starts.

So today we went to Springbrook National Park an hour south of the city involving lots of walking around a huge rainforest checking out a natural arch created by the ever running water (freezing cold water, I shall add). This was followed by a 4km walk deep into the rainforest, which was amazing. The only downside was knowing when walking down at the beginning, the really steep hill would be on the up for the return. Following a rather hefty lunch, we made it to an artifical gloworm grotto. Turns out these creatures are minute. Literally like 2cm big but their glow is amazing. So the day is nearly over here..but it's against blog rules to tease about tomorrow. Until then.

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Australia Zoo

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First real expidition in Australia involved a trip to the zoo. An hour or so north of Brisbane meant a super early start (6 weeks of doing nothing since end of exams really had not prepared me for that).

Australia Zoo is huge though..but the best bit is all the open enclosures and hands on experiences available to the public for free. The kangeroos hop along in mini parks where they look like the British on one of the Costas chilling in the sun. Find a red kangeroo and you definitely have a British tourist. So chilled out though, very used to us all patting them, I'm sure.


Twice a day there's an elephant feeding session available to the public. The elephants seem to have this down to a T, casually taking whatever the vegetable may be from the slightly anxious visitor. Was a strange experience, but none the less, pretty cool.

The "Crocoseum" is their highlight show of the day. We got to see snakes swimming in the pool and a huge variety of birds zooming around the stadium before the main event, a 15' crocodille. Was great fun to watch the creature show why it's king of the swamp.


We even got to see the tigers' playtime session before we headed off. First, just the one tiger playing with one of the keepers - amazing. Then two more were introduced which made things somewhat hair-raising at times..great fun to watch though.


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Three days, three continents

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3 o'clock in the morning here in Brisbane. After leaving for Heathrow around 27 hours ago, we have made it. Three continents in three travelling days: Europe, Asia, Australasia - or is the third Oceana something..maybe that's just a night club.

Heathrow was smaller than expected; only took a few minutes of concentration to spy all the pointless shops. For example, a luggage shop. Who needs a new suit case after they've checked in?

On the other hand, Dubai was confusing; around four different paths available just for our gate. That combined with a lady whose job at the boarding gate is to 'pre-inspect' passports and tickets.


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